Data Import/Export

  • Move date to/from amoCRM in accordance to your business tasks!
  • Upload or download amoCRM data in standard fomats!
  • Unify amoCRM data with the data from other apps

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You need special data transformations? Built-in data migration capabilities do not suit your specific needs? You cannot use other integration solutions because of the lack of customization?

We set up our service according to your personal requirements and solve your problem as specific as it is!

Standard Data Formats

Download and upload all the Invoices , Tasks , Partners , Clients , Orders , Products , etc.

Import or export all data in standard formats: CommerceML, CSV, JSON, XML.


Your data remains consistent and reliable. Our technoloy guarantees that no single entry will be lost and all the connections will remain.

Tylip is not a data warehouse. We do not store or analize your data. Data transfer is carried out via secure channels.